When installing a floor from Travit, you are actually using wood that is right in the middle of its lifecycle. The trees we use began growing a hundred years ago. That's how long it takes to get the real thing. Nature can't be rushed, but then you can walk on it for just as long.

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The raw material

Our floors have a high percentage of core wood, thus enhancing their quality even more. Your choice of floorboard width is a personal preference, but regardless of which size you choose, you always receive the same high quality. Computers control the wood drying to guarantee the flooring is delivered furniture-dry, with a moisture content of about 8%. This minimises movement in the floor and lets you enjoy your new floor immediately.

Travit floors are available in standard dimension 20x113 mm. All floors are slightly bevelled and end-matched with a tongue and groove. You can also get our floors in predefinied lengths, 180-540 cm.

A wooden floor can be finished in a number of ways. The finish affects both the appearance and durability of the floor. Travit Floors are available unfinished or prefinished. We offer prefinished floors - soda lime and white oil and soda lime and natural oil or varnished.

If you choose an unfinished floor, you can finish it so its colour fits with the room in which it is installed. Before installing, consider the floor where it will be located and the extent it will be used.

Other range of products and other sizes are available upon request.

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